Terracotta Clay works – Handicraft Products


Handicrafts increase interior beauty of the house or office or any living area. We make beautiful handicraft works using Terracotta clay.

Benefits of Cooking in Terracotta Clay vessels

  • Slow cooking
  • Nutritious values
  • pH balance of the food
  • Less oil requirement
  • Heat retention property

Clay pots are an aid to Eco-friendly surroundings. Since these pots are easily broken, they can reuse as the base upon which new pots can be kept. The most important utility of terracotta related products is its biodegradable property. Once unused, they automatically decompose not to create any harmful effects. The usage of such products may be tedious but one should not overlook the bunch of advantages these products offer.

We export premium quality clay handicrafts. We manufacture them with traditional methods and with highly experienced professionals to maintain the authenticity in design and quality. Contact us for more details.


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