Cotton Sarees


No other fabric comes close to cotton clothing. Cotton fabric is the most preferred form of clothing. This is primarily due to its rich texture, soft feel and insulating qualities. It is relatively easy to manufacture and additionally, has a lot of uses in industries other that the fabric industry. No part of the cotton plant goes waste. Imagine any piece of garment — be it a saree or an under cloth, they can all be manufactured using cotton. Cotton garments are specially used in South-East Asia due to the sub-tropical terrain. Even in harsh winter months, cotton clothing proves to be effective. In the same vein, cotton sarees are the most preferred and mass produced fabric in the south eastern part of Asia. Being worn since ages, every female is sure to be in possession of at least one cotton saree in this region.

In India, cotton and silk are popular fabrics for sarees. While silk is for occasional wear due to its heavy constituency and inherent party look, cotton whereas, can be used as a regular and daily piece of clothing. Cotton sarees are suitable for office wear, everyday wear as well as party wear. The market for cotton sarees has expanded with designer sarees and handloom cotton hitting the shelves. Stylists and fashion designers are putting in efforts to promote the cotton rich look.

We export premium quality cotton sarees. We manufacture with traditional methods and with highly experienced professionals to maintain the authenticity in design and quality. Contact us for more details.


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